The Pace For Living Objective Question 2024

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Bihar Board Class 10th English Chapter 1 द पेस फॉर लिविंग ऑब्जेक्टिव

1. Rapid movement gives you a superficial sense of :

A. music
B. security 
C. drama
D. hope
Answer  –  drama

2. Who had the fantastic notion of spending £ 10 on a holiday ?

A. Daughter of Corn-merchant
B. Father of Corn-merchant
C. Son of Corn-merchant
D. Wife of Corn-merchant
Answer  –  Wife of Corn-merchant

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3. Who was cheating the corn-merchant ?

A. His Nephew 
B. His Daughter 
C. His Son
D. His Wife 
Answer  –  His Nephew 

4. Mental activities of our time tend to follow the peace of :

A. houses
B. aeroplanes
C. computers
D. machines
Answer  –  machines

5. In ‘The Pace of Living’, the author discusses :

A. the miseries of ancient people 
B. the dilemma of people 
C. the agony of modern man 
D. the problems of old age 
Answer  –  the agony of modern man 

the pace for living question answer objective question

6. The essay ‘The Pace for Living’, captures the agony of

A. a sick man
B. a police man
C. a postman
D. a modern man
Answer  –  a modern man

7. Which tribe did the author belong?

A. Steady thinkers
B. Slow thinkers
C. Fast thinkers
D. None of these
Answer  –  Slow thinkers

8. How many girls were there in the film ?

A. Three
B. Four
C. Two
D. Five
Answer  –  Three

9. The author of the story “The pace for Living’ enjoyed going in a car at ……..

A. Sixty miles an hour 
B. Ninety miles an hour 
C. Eighty miles an hour 
D. Seventy miles an hour 
Answer  –  Ninety miles an hour

10. In ‘The pace for Living,’ R.C. Hutchinson discusses :

A. the agony of modern man 
B. the dilemmas 1 of people
C. the happiness of men 
D. None of these
Answer  –  the agony of modern man 

11. The corn-merchant was getting ……. by his nephew in ‘The Pace for Living’The corn-merchant was getting ……. by his nephew in ‘The Pace for Living’

A. cheated
B. beaten up
C. scolded
D. praised
Answer  –  cheated

12. In ‘The Pace for Living’, the author says that designed to test the mental speed of a person.

A. placement tests
B. education tests 
C. psychological tests 
D. intelligence tests 
Answer  –  intelligence tests 

13. The author in ‘The Pace for Living’ enjoys

A. train journeys 
B. air flights 
C. long car drives 
D. road journeys 
Answer  –  long car drives 

14. ‘The Pace for Living’ is written by

A. R. C. Hutchinson 
B. Toni Morrison 
C. Aung San Suu Kyi
D. Satyajit Ray 
Answer  –  R. C. Hutchinso

15. In ‘The Pace for Living’ the writer captures the agony of …. man 

A. future
B. modern
C. ancient
D. uncivilized
Answer  –  modern

16. The main character in the play which the author saw was a/an ….. corn-merchant

A. handicapped
B. elderly
C. diabetic
D. young
Answer  –  elderly

17. The author admits that quick travel does not give the traveller the real …… of travel

A. dreams
B. knowledge
C. pains
D. pleasure
Answer  –  pleasure

18. The author finds himself he goes to watch the : in a hopeless situation when he goes to watch the :

A. singing competition
B. theatre
C. dance programme 
D. cinema
Answer  –  cinema

Bseb Class 10 English The Pace For Living Objective Question Answer 2024

19. R.C. Hutchinson was a …..

A. American Novelist 
B. Italian Novelist
C. French Novelist
D. British Novelist
Answer  –  British Novelist

20. in the pace for living the author saw a play in :

A. Denmark
B. Dublin
C. Denver
D. Delhi
Answer  –  Dublin

21. In the essay the pace for living the corn merchant is …………..

A. an ambitious man
B. an anxious man
C. an adventurous man
D. None of these
Answer  –  an anxious man

22. How does the write classify himself as a thinker in The Pacee of Leeving :

A. An intelligent thinker
B. A slow thinker
C. A social thinker
D. None of these
Answer  –  A slow thinker

23. People nowadays think … than ancient times.

A. deeper
B. faster
C. slower
D. longer
Answer  –  faster

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